Metricbeat and availables metrics

HI, I just installed metricbeat and I see that there are about 326 fields available for the metricbeat indexes on the kibana dashboard.

I'm only seeing 71 fields that are being populated.

I'm particulary interested in(but they're not being populated):

I'm currently running centos 7.1.1503 and metricbeat version 5.0.0-alpha5 (amd)64, libbeat 5.0.0-alpha5

My config file is as follows( I typed it in so there might be some mistypes):


  • module: system

    • cpu
    • load
    • core
    • diskio
    • filesystem
    • fsstat
    • memory
    • network
    • process
      enabled: true
      period: 10s
      processes: ['.*']

    cpu_ticks: false

hosts: ["foo", "bar]

Those fields should be present when cpu_ticks: true is configured. But there was a bug affecting the process metricset that will be fixed in the next minor release.

Yeah. Tried it with cpu_ticks set to true/false on the latest version(5.4) and it didn't work.

So 5.5? Could I pull master and test with that for now?

You can try the snapshot build from master.

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