Missing metricset data in Metricbeat

This is my metricbeat configuration file:

- module: system
    - cpu

    - load

    - core

    - diskio

    - filesystem

    - fsstat

    - memory

    - network

    - process

  enabled: true
  cpu_ticks: true
  cgroups: true
  period: 30s

  metricsets: ["filesystem"]
    - drop_event.when.regexp.mount_point: '^/(sys|run|proc|dev)|(rpc_pipefs|gvfs|pts)$'
#-------------------------- Elasticsearch output ------------------------------
  # Array of hosts to connect to.
  hosts: [""]
  template.enabled: true
  template.path: "/etc/metricbeat/metricbeat.template.json"
  template.name: "metricbeat"
  template.overwrite: true
  index: "metricbeat-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

In Kibana, I can only "see" file system information but need all the cpu, io, info as well. It seems that the rest of fields int this index are missing?

By the way, I just installed filebeat on one of my hosts and do not see its logs in Kibana - misssing fields......


You have declared the metricsets array twice in the same configuration block. Only the last declaration will be honored. So remove the line metricsets: ["filesystem"].

Andrew, it worked like a CHARM!!!
thanks you

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