Metricsets are ignored


with the configuration below I keep getting all metricbeat fields in kibana: processes, network etc.
I would expect to have only the cpu data based on my config.
Are my expectation wrong? What is the purpose of metricsets if it doesn't disable anything.

- module: system
  metricsets: ["cpu"]
  #  - cpu
  #  - filesystem
  #  - memory
  #  - network
  #  - process
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  processes: []
  cpu_ticks: false


so obviously I had
which I skipped as something default, that would overwrite the metricbeat.modules.
why is it included in default configuration, without even mentioning it in Getting started with Metricbeat

(Andrew Kroh) #3

I opened an issue to get the Getting Started docs updated with information about modules.d (it was a relatively new change to move the default config there).

You can instantiate a module more than one time with different options so it doesn't overwrite module definitions. All of the enabled modules in the main metricbeat.yml and modules.d/*.yml are collected and used.

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