Metricbeat and Filebeat 7.2 enrollment problem

Firstly the main problem caused me to try and upgrade my beats:
Recently upgraded the elastic stack to 7.2, this caused the metricbeat and filebeat (Windows version 7.0.0) to stop sending data to the elastic.
I decieded to try and upgrade the beats to 7.2 the problem is when I try to enroll these beats I tried both options for enrollment

metricbeat.exe enroll https://kibanahost:5601 XXXXXXXXXXX "C:\ProgramData\metricbeat"
metricbeat.exe enroll https://kibanahost:5601 --username "myuser" --password env:PASS "C:\ProgramData\metricbeat" --force

for both options I keep on getting:
Saving a copy of current settings to metricbeat.yml.2019-07-29T10:53:51 +03:00.bak Error while enrolling: creating a backup copy of current settings: rename metricbeat.yml metricbeat.yml.2019-07-29T10:53:51 +03:00.bak: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Shouldn't be a backward compitability to beats in 7th version?
Why these error occurring?