Metricbeat CPU percentage between 0 and 1

Hi there,

Posting data to ElasticSearch via LogStash I get CPU values that range from 0 to 1. In the default template this is a scaled_float, I haven't changed the template.
When I look at discover or I visualise the data this stat remains a value between 0 and 1, how do I get it to render as a percentage between 0 and 100?
I could do it with TimeLion with a multipler, but shouldn't it figure itself out?

Using v5.3 of all components.


In the Kibana Index Pattern edit the Field Format, setting it to percentage.

NOTE: If you load the default dashboards it should do this for you, IIRC.

NOTE2: Changing the field format will not help with Timelion. There you will have to handle it yourself as mention.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for your time.

We have a daily index e.g. metricbeat-2017.04.19 to holds today's data. If I change the index pattern is it persisted forever?


Yes it is. Your index pattern should be metricbeat-* which means it applies to any indexes that match that pattern, including your daily indexes.

Awesome, that's what I thought.

So what does the logstash template achieve, is is just about how the data is stored and not a hint about how to index/render it?

Yes... the index template tells Elasticsearch how to create the index. Kibana uses that information as a starting point for an index pattern, but the patterns can be further modified.

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