Metricbeat CPU usage total


Metricbeat is working nicely for me but what I want to see for my servers are how busy they are.
I get the CPU usage in parts (user, system, steal etc) and the idle %, what I want is the total usage as a percentage; the opposite of the idle percent value.

I expect the answer might be a TimeLion based one but I can't get that to work. Is there a really good TimeLion tutorial out there?

My solution in the end was to use logstash and a bit of ruby in the filter section like this:

if [@metadata][type] == "metricsets" {
    if [system][cpu][idle][pct] {
        ruby {
            code => "event.set('[system][cpu][busy][pct]', 1 - event.get('[system][cpu][idle][pct]'));"

Anything wrong with that, is there a better way to do this?


Perhaps I miss something but I think as your calculation is quite simple you could use Kibana script fields for that:

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