Metricbeat dashboard


I'm trying to create a dashboard for metricbeat which shows highest cpu utilization vs process that is consuming more for current hour compared with previous hour
and 2. how many process are running vs process using high memory in the current hr

these are two vis that I am dealing with currently. any suggestions how to create them and which chart would work better in my use case ?


I'm glad to help answer, I think, reading your question, that the problems you describe would be solved with two graphs:

  1. X axis is time, Y axis is CPU utilization. One line graph per process (or possibly a stacked area chart)
  2. X axis is time, Y axis is memory. Once again, either line graph or stacked area chart per process.

Would those graphs address your concerns?


Thanks for the reply.

I didn't understand what you mean by "per process" . Actually, I want my chart to show highest CPU utilization with the process name and at what time it had occurred ?

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