Metricbeat data differs greatly from Elasticsearch Endpoint

So I wanted to build some dashboards with metric data about my elasticsearch instance.
From the endpoint Get /nodes/_stats I get all the data I need.

With the metricset "node_stats" from the metricbeat module "elasticsearch" I get only a portion of this data. This is really frustrating since the stack monitoring dashboard (auto generated in kibana) seems to have access to this data via xpack monitoring.

Can I access this data any other way than via the endpoint?

Hi @Mattness :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be nice if you can detail what's exactly missing? It might be a bug or simply a misunderstanding of what you are expecting.

The very first thing is that _nodes/stats endpoint is not being fetched by the node_stats metricset . The metricset uses _nodes/_local/stats. While node metricset fetches /_nodes/_local.

I don't know if what you are missing is the metrics from the rest of the nodes in a cluster. In such case, you should configure Metricbeat to point to each of them. This is the recommended way to work.

Thanks for your answer. I compromised by using a HttpExporter to route the xpack monitoring data to an extra cluster. This contains all the data I wanted in the first place.

My production cluster was running in single-node mode. So there was only one node for metricbeat to monitor. I think the key difference - as you stated - was the one between the note_stats and nodes/local/stats endpoints.

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