[Metricbeat] Incorrect percentages when a process uses multiple cores on the kibana dashboard

When i have a process using multiples cores the percentage values ​​are wrong in Top Processes By CPU module.

Top Output:

Kibana dashboard (Top Processes By CPU module):

I also cannot set the conditions for thresholds. If I select a condition it is not saved:

Meanwhile, the CPU Usage Gauge is ok:

Thank you guys.

Any ideas?

Cpu usage gauge uses the arithmetic operation as:
(Avg of system.cpu.user.pct + Avg of system.cpu.system.pct)/avg of system.cpu.cores that's why it is showing different values

But the oracle process is consuming 70% of each core and that averages a total of 80% of all cores. So instead of showing the value of 3.1%, shouldn't it be 70%?


Check what operations it is using

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