Metricbeat Rollover Error

Hello all!
I'm new to building EL and I can't seem to find the solution to an error I've been troubleshooting for days.
I'm using version 7.13.4 for elastic and I've recently installed metricbeat into my server
Everything is going fine until I attempt to roll over the metricbeat-* indices
I get an error:
security_exception: action [indices:admin/rollover] is unauthorized for user [kibana_system] with roles [kibana_system] on indices [metricbeat-7.13.4,metricbeat-7.13.4-2022.01.11-000001], this action is granted by the index privileges [manage_follow_index,manage,all]

I'm not using kibana_system anywhere in my metricbeat.yml. t's all to my metricbeat user with the role I created that specifically has the manage, all, and manage_follow_index privileges

P.S. My Elasticsearch-xpack and kibana-xpack yml files are configured properly as well NOT CONTAINING THE kibana_system USER!!!!

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