Metricbeat errors due to missing manage permission

Metricbeat configured with user elastic
I have error
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException: action [indices:admin/rollover] is unauthorized for user [remote_monitoring_user] with roles [remote_monitoring_collector,remote_monitoring_agent] on indices [metricbeat-7.13.4,metricbeat-7.13.4-2021.07.28-000001], this action is granted by the index privileges [manage_follow_index,manage,all] at ~[x-pack-core-7.13.4.jar:7.13.4]
Why metricbeat used remote_monitoring_user

This is weird. Do you actually have a user called remote_monitoring_user?

Also have a look into Grant users access to secured resources | Metricbeat Reference [7.13] | Elastic in case it is helpful.

I have remote_monitoring_user after install, but i used elastic or try other custom user. My config.

---------------------------- Elasticsearch Output ----------------------------
hosts: ["elk:9200"]
protocol: "https"
username: "elastic"


module: elasticsearch
xpack.enabled: true
period: 10s
hosts: ["elk:9200"]
username: "elastic"

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