Metricbeat running but didn't appear in monitoring

Hello there

I found a strange situation here. so I added some logstash nodes to my cluster and used metricbeat to monitor them. but after the metricbeat was running, I checked in my monitoring node, and I found not all the new logstash nodes appeared on the monitoring.

I added 2 logstash nodes. let's say it's logstash-31 and logstash-32. after I configured metricbeat and metricbeat was running, there was only logstash-31 on the monitoring, and a few moments after logstash-32 appeared but logstash-31 had gone

what possibly causes this behaviour? I'm 100% sure there was no missed config in metricbeat. I already checked that more than twice


Do you have one Metricbeat instance per Logstash node or is it one Metricbeat monitoring multiple Logstash nodes over the network?

Further, how were the Logstash nodes set up? I can suspect that maybe they were copied from each other so perhaps they share the same UUID?

oh, it can impact the metricbeat? yeah, I copied all the extracted files from logstash-32 to logstash-31 and changed only in logstash.yml. precisely and

I thought logstash identity was only in logstash.yml

I forgot there was a folder named "data" that contains UUID for running logstash. thank you. I will try to reconfigure it

Let me know if that doesn't solve it and we can try to debug further as needed!

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