Metricbeat setup for multiple hosts

I have an Elastic deployment and it was very straightforward to setup metricbeat and get a dashboard for our docker containers.

I'm looking to do the same for another Elastic deployment that is shared for two environments (dev and test)
What's the recommended way to do that? Should each environment create its own index or should there be a value in the metricbeat configuration to distinguish between environments?

Seems if I choose the second option I would have to modify a lot of queries that are provided in the Dashboard to make this work.
I'm really looking for the easiest option here.


One clarification are you monitoring other containers or are you monitoring elasticsearch itself?

IF just other containers
Just put a tag or field in the filebeat.yml and use the default index that's the easiest way.

Then on your dashboard you can filter with either KQL, a filter Or a Control that filter will be applied to every visualization in the dashboard that's the way we build the metric default dashboards.

That would be my suggestion.

Thanks Stephen. I'm going to try the one index with a control filter.

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