Metrics and profiling queries

We are using Elasticsearch from cloud and have several indexes on it. Sometimes we see splashes of consuming resources and it is hard to determine to what application it is related. Is there an ability to see metrics (Search Response Times and Index Response Times) for individual queries?
I can see statistic in Kibana/ Monitoring that is separated by indexes, but there is no information there about query or request originator.
Are there, possibly, some tools for cloud (like profiller) that can show detailed information, or system index with such data? Or some facilities that can be implemented inside the client applications (less convenient case)

If you're talking about the requests made by Kibana objects like Visualizations or Saved searches, you can open the Spy Panel (the small arrow in the bottom left of the visualization) and there you can see the request, the response and statistics for it.

As for profiler, have you checked out the Search Profiler tool in the DevTools?

Thank you for your answer. You are talking about queries that I can create and investigate using Kibana development tools. But I wanted to investigate existing queries from applications outside the Elastic that use Elasticsearch indexes. Similarly to "Monotoring / Elasticsearch" section in Kibana, but receive information about queries that are running. I am looking for a tool like "SQL Server Profiller" or the way to collect the detailed information

I see what you mean. I don't think there's a tool like that, but you should ask in the Elasticsearch forums here as somebody might have built an open-source tool.
I know that there's the Profiler API for Elasticsearch that will give you stats for a search request, but you need to provide that request first, it doesn't collect them and automatically profiles it.

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