Metrics from logstash with custom index to show in Elastic Observability


I am trying to use Elasticsearch Observability Metrics with RabbitMQ dashboard. However, i am not sending metrics directly to elasticsearch, using logstash and custom index names. When i am trying to add data (RabbitMQ) to see in default dashboards, it seems not to possible edit with custom index name. (always looking "metricbeat-*" index pattern and gets errors)

Is there any solution to do this ?
Thanks beforehand.

Hi @alidrsn,

the visualizations on a dashboard are each based on a Kibana index pattern, which contains the name of the targeted indices (probably metricbeat-*). So it seems you'll have to create an equivalent index pattern that matches your custom index naming scheme.

Unfortunately the process I found of adapting a complete dashboard to a different Kibana index pattern is a pretty tedious at the moment. After creating the new index pattern I go through the saved objects in Kibana's management section and edit the occurrences of the index pattern id in the JSON representation of every visualization used in the dashboard with the id of the new one. Where exactly that id is located in the JSON depends on the visualization type, e.g.

It's not pretty but mostly works. Maybe someone else knows of a more reliable way?

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