Metrics UI integration for custom indices


Is there a documentation about which ECS fields that I will need to populate in order to integrate with the Kibana Metrics UI to be shown in the same way as metrics coming from Metricbeat?

I need to integrate the metrics that I have gathered from AIX, so they can be viewed through the Metrics UI as well.


Managed to integrate with the Metrics Inventory UI, but clicking on "Host metrics" link resulted with "no data".

ECS fields are documented here:

Do you have matching documents with host.hostname?

Thanks, for the reply. I am using as documented here

Is The host metrics UI querying based on host.hostname field?


I have populated host.hostname field, but the host metrics detail UI is still showing no data.
These are the fields that I have populated:

Looks like I will need to split my events based on the following dataset:
system.cpu, system.memory,

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