Migrate data from ES 5 alfa to ES 5.1

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we have been using (as PoC) ES 5 alfa version. Now we want to move to version 5.1. Do you have any ideas how to move data ?
New ES would be on same server as old one.

I have been trying to configure on new ES 5.1. DATA folder to old ES - index founded but data not. I guess we will need to start both ES and "copy" data from old ES to new ES ?
(something like this https://github.com/taskrabbit/elasticsearch-dump)

I just wonder if it would not exists simpler solution.

Thank you very much

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Or use this ?

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I'd use reindex from remote like you linked. Anything else might work ok
but fail unexpectedly at a strange time because we don't really rest that
upgrade. We are pretty good about testing and supporting upgrades but not
from alphas and betas.

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Thank you very much ! i have already tested it and it works :slight_smile:

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