Migrating from ES 1.5 to ES 5

I am working with an infrastructure team for Gentoo, and I have a quick question about migrating ES 1.5 or 2.0 I believe, to ES 5 for now. It looks like there are major differences with ES5 and ES6. I use the Ruby client, and the project entails using Elasticsearch Persistence/Model at the same time, but reading the github project info, they seem to have separated the Persistence and Model, and added a new feature, Repository.

My question is pertaining to upgrading from ES 1.5, and I didn't see any documents for the 1 versions, but I do see ES2 versions. Do I need to do a rewrite on the coding to reflect ES5 - current? Or are there documents for ES 1.5 that I can refer to?

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