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Good Morning All,

We are looking at migrating our existing Splunk Eco-system to Elastic Stack. The current Splunk eco-system has about 200 dashboards that are setup.


  1. Is there a mechanism(migration/conversion) of dashboards from Splunk to Kinbana? Or should they be done manually.
  2. Is there a mechanism to export/import Splunk Indexes into Elasticsearch.

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Raghav Viswanathan

P.S. I am new to this forum/ eco-system. Please pardon my ignorance if the questions do not make sense.

Hello @Raghavv

I was checking and I was not able to found any official out of the box migration tool for that.
However I was able to found example of customer stories who have done it in the past which I think that might be able to help you:

If you need any further assistance with it, I think it might be useful to also contact our consultant services https://www.elastic.co/services_policy

Cheers :elasticheart:

Hi Tiagocosta,

Thanks for your reply and the links provided. I did go through the blogs. One thing that is common between them is "Why they migrated". We are convinced of the reasons as to why we need to migrate. It is the same problem statement. License Limitation on amount of data that can be ingested. What we are trying to understand is if there is a out-of-box tool of sorts to help with Migrating the Dashboards. This we feel is a manual effort which the team has already spent on building them in Splunk. I wanted to understand if the effort of doing the dashboard setup again on Kibana can be reduced/saved. Please let me know your thoughts.

Hi @Raghavv,

I just double checked it and we don't provide any automated way or tool to do what you looking for. It looks like there are some external resource guides suggesting ways of doing it (that you can found easily :slight_smile: ) but none of them are part of an official migrate recommendation from our side :slight_smile:


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