Migration of ELK users


Is there a secure way to migrate kibana users from one instance to another along with their passwords?


Hi @mostafaelsayed. I'm not aware of any one-step solutions for migrating users directly. But perhaps you can use the elasticsearch-users list command to show each user and their role(s). You can also use the elasticsearch-users command to create users with roles on the new cluster. However, I don't believe you can copy over the users' passwords. They will probably need to create new passwords.

Thanks @nickpeihl

My challenge is with the passwords mainly

So there will be no way even if I am managing the Elasticsearch cluster myself ( I am managing it in kubernetes cluster, I am not using SAAS solution)?

Hi @mostafaelsayed. There may be a way to accomplish this from the Elasticsearch side. But we're in the Kibana category and I'm not very familiar with this aspect of Elasticsearch.

Would you mind posting your question in the Elasticsearch category?

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