Missing data in ES

I am using Elastic search version 2.2.0 and i published the data and i could see the response id but when i am trying to find the data in Kibana.The data is missing and not visible in kibana.

Any quick support is appreciable.

In order for anyone to be able to help you probably need to provide more context and information. What is the output of the cat indices API?

I have a logging app which write the logs to a specific index e.g: logger_23_05_2018_index
I post the json messages having a JSON scema (id,name,address),From my app .the JSON messages i posted
name :xyz
I post 100 messages like this JSON . so among 100 messages a subset of messages are not visible in kibana.

For all the 100 messages we got response id while pushing messages form app to Elastic search.

We are using JavaTransportClient SDK form ES

is there any way where i can search in the data in the index ?

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