Missing Metrics in Marvel 2.X compared to 1.X?

Has anyone converted from Marvel 1.X to 2.X? We are currently on 1.X and are looking into upgrading so we spun up a small instance with the newest versions of ElasticSearch and Marvel (2.1.1 at the time). We then put in a small bit of test data. However a lot seems to be missing.

For one, the documentation for the newest version has less info compared to the old versions. 1.3 had information describing each dashboard and what was on it. 2.2 just has info on how to install it.
So I don't know if I something is wrong with the installation or my browser, or if the options just doesn't exist anymore.

Many of the metrics that used to be tracked are not there anymore. For example, in the old version Cluster Pulse had a section for Cluster Events. This allowed you to view what events were happening and when. I can't find anything like that in the new version.

The older version allowed you to select multiple indices or nodes and show graphs and metrics for all at the same time. I don't see that option in the new version. So If I want to view historical indexing rates or search rates in the graphs across 10 indices, I have to view each one one at a time.

On the node level, I don't see metrics for indexing rate, indices delete rate, garbage collection data, field data size, field data eviction rate, filter cache, query cache, circuit breakers, documents over time, and other metrics. Some of this data can be found on the index level, but if there are 100 indexes on node it would be a pain to go through each index one at a time.

On the Indices level, filter cache and query cache metrics are missing.

The entire Shard Allocation area is gone in the new version. The playback area and corresponding graph doesn't exist. I can sort of see the shard allocation by clicking on the individual node, but there isn't a way to see everything across all nodes at once.

I can't seem to find a way to add, move, or remove graphs either. Everything seems very static.

The only consolation is that there appears to be data collected in the index that doesn't show in graphs. So we could probably create our own visualizations and dashboards to recover some of this data.
It feels like the current version would work fine if I wanted a high level view of how the cluster is working this very second. But if there was as problem a hour ago and I am trying to dig into what was going on during that time it is much more limited.

For anyone who has upgraded, were there any metrics that you wished were in the newest version? Were you able to get around any of the limitations?

Take a look at this thread Marvel 2 is missing IOPs and Network traffic graphs as there is a response from the Marvel PM :slight_smile:

I saw that one. It was really the only thread I could find about missing metrics. The description makes it sound like Sigar it used for the system stats. While I would like to see some of the system stats come back, some of the data I noticed missing isn't an OS level metric. Some of the items I noticed missing are even in the raw Marvel index, just not displayed anywhere in Marvel itself.