Missing value with cumulative sum

Hi !

I'm trying to split my series with a keyword and show 2 line charts depending on the keyword value. BUT as you can see below, the green line is not starting at the beginning of the chart (where blue line starts!). What I was thinking is that missing values aren't considered but I tried to add { "min_doc_count":0, "missing": 0 } on the bucket script but still not working...

Is there a way to display the two lines from start to end like the photomontage below ?

What I use :


Thanks !

hi @Sylfaen

that;s tough, especially the extension at the right-hand part of your graph, where Kibana needs to be smart enough to extend the last known value. Right now, Kibana uses the bucket-values it gets from ES and does no interpolation.

I'd open an enhancement request for this in github: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new

Hi thomas,

Thanks for your input! I'll open an enhancement request.

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