Modify Kibana and x-pack code

I'm wondering to what degree one can modify Kibana's code for commercial use?

I know that some parts of Kibana are licensed under Apache license, and some under Elastic license. But I'm not completely understanding the limitations of the Elastic license.

Is it possible to modify and use Kibana with x-pack (and pay for it of course) in a commercial product?

Hi Frimann. Elastic has an OEM program that allows you to embed Kibana and Elastic in a commercial product. One way to pursue this is to email (no "m").
Generally people use the APIs and development framework that is part of Kibana to customize it for their product as part of an OEM. Elastic doesn't support versions of the product that have been modified at the source code level, and there are restrictions in the Elastic License that would prevent this anyway, assuming you are using the default download of Elastic with the free Basic features. You can see details of the Elastic license here. Hope that helps.


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