Can Kibana Basic license be used in a commercial product?

Assuming that no modifications have been made to the proprietary components, can a company use the Kibana Basic edition in a product that they are selling? For example, imagine they are selling a data visualization tool, and they use kibana for the user dashboard.
I've read the license, but I'm not sure the answer to this question.

I don't think so.
@warkolm ?


If you're not sure then it'd be best to reach out to and check :slight_smile:

I have emailed them, but they have not responded and it's been a whole week.
Also that email address in particular bounced.

Yeah it may be licenses@ sorry :frowning:

Let me see if I can get an answer.

Hey @0x41414141,

The answer is generally yes, but please send a note to and we can help make sure that's the case for you. I'm on that mailing list, and I haven't seen a note from you, so perhaps it went to the wrong address?

If you do send a note and don't hear back promptly, feel free to DM me and we can follow up.


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Thank you. I think that answers my question. I don't have the specific details of the project yet, as it is still in the rudimentary phase, but I will send an to that address email when I am ready to discuss it.

I think I did send it to the wrong address. Thank you for the right address.

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