Modifying the `onclick` event of kibana visualisations


I'm exploring another approach to meeting my requirements, and am currently looking at iframe embeds of my kibana visualisations.

My specific use case is when a user clicks on a graph item (e.g. bars in a histogram or bar chart), a form/widget appears that the user can then do something with. Essentially, the user needs to perform a follow-up action based on the graphs that they are seeing.

What I'm hoping for, is a way to modify the onclick event. Being able to do that, means that I can use a postMessage() function to send the target (and corresponding information) of the click event to the parent page that has the embedded iframe.

I know I've seen older requests for such a piece of functionality. I haven't been able to find any recent comments stating that this has now been built, or that it has been scheduled for a later release or something...

Is there a view on whether the kibana team will consider this piece of functionality?

And any advice/warnings about how to accomplish this in my own kibana codebase?

Thank you!

@ppisljar - can you plz take this up ? is this supported ? you may know more info ...

AFAIK, This is not something that is currently supported in kibana, but please do open an enhancement request on(


as rashmi mentioned this is currently not supported, but its something we are thinking of and will be implemented in the future

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