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Hello everyone,

I have an embedded table visualization in iframe, which contains about a lot of tabs, and I would like to display a particular tab. I have noticed that Kibana is using Angular JS thus being a single page application. I cannot inject javascript in the iframe to simulate click event on the tab for iframe security-related reasons.

My question is, is there a way to change the default visualization tab from the URL (preferably) or any other way from an iframe.

Thank you!

(Spencer Alger) #2

I'm not sure what you mean by "change tab". I don't think any of the Kibana visualizations use tabs. Are you using a plugin of some Sort?

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Hello @spalger ! Thank you for your reply. The table visualization actually use pagination, if you specify a maximum size in the options section. The pagination event are all handled using AngularJS. Since I embed the table visualization as iframe, I don't have access to its content to call some JS or something, so I was hoping if there is a chance that this is already implemented via URL (mayble like ?..&tab=x).


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Ah, I see what you mean. Right now the only values can set are the sort values (via the uiState in the url). It's probably worth opening an issue and asking for, though I'm not 100% confident that it is desirable outside of your specific use case.

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@spalger Thank you for taking the time to reply :slight_smile: I appreciate your help; Will try my luck by opening an issue, and we'll see how it goes. Thanks again!


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