Updating Kibana Visualization from WebPage


I have been using Kibana 5.1.1, Elasticsearch 5.1.1 and Logstash 5.1.1. I am able to visualize my data to my webpage.

This visualization have been made from Kibana and i am passing iframe to my HTML page.

Now is it possible to update this visualization from my webpage. I don't want to go to kibana and update parameters to view my updated chart.

I want to pass parameter to kibana from web and it should get updated.

Hi there,

Just to clarify, do you mean:

  1. You want to be able to embed a visualization into your website, and let users of the website edit the embedded visualization?
  2. Or do you mean by "passing parameters" that you want to do something else, like change the query parameters in the embedded iframe's src which will be saved to the visualization?


Thanks CJ,

I am talking about scenario 1. I want user to edit embedded visualization.

For ex: If i have graph that shows data between particular date. And now
user wants to modify date and wants to see data with other date range then
visualization should get updated by changing date from website itself.

Is it possible?

Varun Patel

Hi Varun,

We don't technically support this functionality yet, but it is on our roadmap. There is a way to hack around this and provide the functionality, but it may not be exactly what you want to do. When you add the IFRAME to your web page, you can remove embed=true from the src value. This will embed the entire Kibana UI instead of just the Visualization or Dashboard. This will give the user the ability to edit the Visualization, but it will also let the user navigate throughout all of Kibana, which may be too much functionality for your use case.


Thanks a lot CJ.

Thanks for your hack around :slight_smile:

Hi CJ,

I found something related to kibana dashboard object on elastic site.


Here it says that "Templates use handlebar syntax that allow you insert javascript clauses into your json. URL parameters are available on the ARGS object. "

By this can i accomplish my goal of updating kibana by passing values from web page ??

One more point to the same question. When i am going through the same steps given in the link. What i found is that kibana directory don't have "[kibanaDirecetory]\app\dashboard folder in it. Whereas kibana 3.0 was having it. so in kibana 3.0 we would able to query dashboard from template or scripted dashboard thing.

so can i know the reason behind removing this thing in kibana 5.0 ?

Hi Varun, to be honest, I'm not sure how valid those 3.0 docs are for 5.0. Have you been able to find anything similar in the 5.0 docs regarding Dashboard templates?

I'm also sorry, I don't have any information about why we removed that ability in 5.0 (or possibly even 4.0?). That was a couple years ago, and I joined the team in the middle of last year. You could probably search through the commit history on the 4.0 branch to identify when and why it was taken out.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! If you're trying to add more functionality to KIbana, have you looked into writing a plugin?


Its fine CJ. I have not got anything like this in Kibana 5.0.

Now to incorporate my change i am moving to Kibana 3.0. can you please ask anyone who is aware of this change ?

This will be helpful as i am shifting up to Kibana 3.0.

I don't want additional functionality. Just wanted my webpage to talk with Kibana.

Please suggest whether it is possible through Kibana 3.0 templated dashboard.

Varun Patel

Hi Varun, I'm sorry I can't provide any information about Kibana 3... at this point our codebase has evolved so much farther beyond it that I, personally, don't have any insight about it or its features. Also, FYI, that product's End-of-life date was November 2015 (according to our EOL table), so I advise against using it. If you do, we won't be able to provide any additional updates or bug fixes.


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