Monitor multiple directories in monitors.d using heartbeat

Hi All, wanted to know do we able to manager directories in monitors.d directories in heartbeat.
I wanted to monitor some service and wanted to manage the yml file in directors i.e. each yml files should be under machine directory name.
So if i put the dircetory in monitors.d in heartbeat i am not able to get the services monitored in uptime i used path as monitors.d//.yml and also **/*.yml but no luck.

Can someone suggest do we have any other way to make this subdirectors check in monitors.d for heartbeat

Hi @Gaurav_kr, thanks for using Heartbeat!

Your use case should be covered already. I've configured Heartbeat like this:

  # Directory + glob pattern to search for configuration files
  path: ${path.config}/monitors.d/**/*.yml

And I have set up a monitors.d directory like this:

➜ ls -R monitors.d
nested                   sample.http.yml          sample.icmp.yml.disabled sample.tcp.yml


And I'm able to run heartbeat with ./heartbeat -e and see my monitor show up in Kibana:

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Thank you @jkambic

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