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Hi All,

We have couple of siebel instances and we want to monitor their urls. The YML i use looks like this. How ever i could only see Kibana url in elastic search. Am i missing anything ?

- type: http
  urls: ["http://localhost:5601"]
  schedule: '@every 10s'
  name: "DEV-Kibana"
- type: http
  urls: ["http://x.x.x.x/callcenter_enu"] 
  schedule: '@every 10s'
  name: "DEV-Siebel"

Can you share the log output? You can run heartbeat in foreground + debug mode via -e -d '*'.


I notice that you are trying to include the "name" field.
I tried the same, but discovered that what actually happens is the "type" is mutated with the value you define for "name".

For example, here is my YML:

See that I defined the "name" field to Main_Website?
Well, when the heartbeat data arrives in Elasticsearch the "type" field has been mutated automatically from "http" to "Main_Website".

So basically, it isn't a good idea to use "name" as a URL description. Instead you'll have to do some Logstash groking to get what you want.

EDIT: Libbeat processors will not apply in this instance. Probably need to submit a feature request to define a URL description somewhere in the http monitor.

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ticket for fields/tags:

Thanks Steffens... your post helped me a lot. I could see what the issues are in debug mode.

After couple of try outs i was able to monitor the siebel url.

this is how it looks now.

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