Monitoring Azure using Elastic Cloud


We have infrastructure in Azure, we are starting with deployments and need to monitor everything. There are applications, kubernetes, microservices, containers, logs....

I've been watching some video of how to connect Elastic Cloud to Azure and it seems that it integrates perfectly, so it could be worth to monitor and send alerts. I don't know if it is able to monitor containers, can anyone confirm it?

The alternative is to use Azure Monitor. But you have to do everything from scratch (dashboards...). Elastic Cloud as far as I see already brings some facts.

Do you think that Elastic Cloud can replace or at least complement Azure Monitor? Do you see it as a good tool for this type of monitoring?


You can check this link for various Azure integration available in Elastic.

You can monitor either logs or metrics or both for all the azure integration. There are multipul integration available for azure container as well so you can check (in above link) and see if it can fit for your requirements.

You can click on metrics or logs for each integration type for details documents about what configuration required and infomation needed from Azure to enable integration.

For e.g. Log integration you need to first exported log first to the event hub and then from event hub it can read and index to Elasticsearch.

For each integration there will be some OOTB dashboard.


Thank you very much!
We expect to sign up for Elastic Cloud next week and start monitoring Azure and internal servers as soon as possible. I think it will be a very good investment.

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Does anyone monitor Azure services such as Kubernetes, the pods it has...?
We are also evaluating Splunk or Prometheus, but if Elastic Cloud allows us to do everything, it would be perfect.

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