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I have the usual suspects in the micro service stack, eureka, config server and gateway. I have the agent configured on the eureka, no problem, I see the metrics in the APM/Kibana gui. But the config server and gateway are not visible.

I have tried the spring package to instrument, i.e. -Delastic.apm.application_packages=org.springframework, and also our own internal package, i.e. the boot application class, also nothing. What am I missing?

If anyone has already had this I would be most grateful to know how they/you configured the integration of your config server with the APM server.


Follow up, I see the config server now in the UI, just appeared... And now the gateway I still need to see...

Hi :slight_smile:

You should only add the internal packages here.

Are looking for ways to centrally store the configuration of your APM Servers? We have plans to integrate with Beats central management in the future. However, this requires a gold subscription as it depends on the security feature.

Did the gateway show up now? If not which gateway are you exactly using? How are you starting and configuring the agent with it? Could you attach the agent debug logs?


Hi Felix,

Sorry for the late reply, the gateway is showing up now, and so is everything in fact, including the elastics in the cluster(for info here is the properties, in /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/ -javaagent:/opt/elastic-apm-agent-1.3.1-20190205.094039-27.jar -Delastic.apm.server_urls= -Delastic.apm.service_name=elastic -Delastic.apm.application_packages=org.elasticsearch )

:slight_smile: Was a combination of things, including but not limited to reorganizing vlans.

All good, but there are no transactions being shown for config server, gateway and the elastic servers. Eureka and the service it's self yes, which is good.

This is probably one for 'eayakoren', the java agent chap. Looking at the agent, I see that there are interceptors/instrumentation for 'HttpServlet' or something similar(long time ago I had a little peek) and if I am correct elastic does the networking directly, I see HttpTransport and PackageHeaders classes, so of course these won't be instrumented :wink: And similarly I could guess(although I shouldn't) that config server and gateway are also home brewed, i.e. are not based on HttpServlet or deritives.

In any event, nada transactions for these little piggies. Should I have a deeper look, and potentially some logic to cover those cases, or does some guru know everything there is to know, about everything. Please share in that case.


Felix, when you say only include the internal packages for the gateway, which packages would those be please? That might be my problem...

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