Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: Cannot read property 'type' of null

After installing the x-pack for ES and Kibana, i have restarted the ES and Kibana.
Able to login successfully but when i click on the "Monitoring" link i am getting the following error:

Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: Cannot read property 'type' of null
I tried re-installing the X-pack but still the same issue persists.
Please find the below screen shot for refrerence

**Could you please help me in this issue. **
Thanks in Advance.

Hi @kiranilla

From your ES logs, it looks like the monitoring data collection might be failing. Can you check to see if you have any indices starting with .monitoring-*? You can use Dev Tools > Console and
run GET _cat/indices


THANKS Bohyun for your help....
Yes i am able to see the .monitoring-* by using the Dev tools. I will delete those indices and check.

Did deleting the indices resolve the issue?

No.. it did not resolve.. still the issue persist

Do you have any templates that might have patterns which clobber the monitoring data?

Try the http://localhost:9200/_template/ API and look for templates with index patterns that possibly match match monitoring indices.


We have found the same problem although our trigger has been different. We were:

  • changing x-pack license from the trial one to a "normal" free one.
  • and at the same time we were running a resource intensive queries with aggregations.

All of a sudden Kibana monitoring tab started with the bad request error and we have been unable to recover it since then.

So far we have:

  • Checked it and the monitoring indices are there
  • Checked there were no templates causing collisions
  • Checked Kibana logs and they seem to be empty
  • Checked ES logs and nothing representative there

We have not tried to delete the monitoring indices to see if it recovered, is it worth trying?
We are using ES 5.4.0 and Kibana 5.4.0.

Any help will be appreciated.

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