Monitoring - error 400


I'm currently testing the monitoring options given by x-pack.

In my development environment, I set up 2 clusters, sending their monitoring data into a 3rd cluster.
When I try to visualize the monitoring data via Kibana, I get the following error :

"Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: Cannot read property 'status' of undefined"

When I look the stack trace, i get

"request [12:28:52.897] [error][monitoring-ui] TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of undefined at validateMonitoringLicense"

I'm, however, well inside the 30 days trial.

How could I solve this?

  • What are the versions of the 2 Elasticsearch clusters, and the Monitoring cluster?
  • What is the version of Kibana that is used to visualize the monitoring data?

Hello, and thanks for your reply.

Everything is in V5.5.1.

However, when I came back this morning, everything started to work properly, despite the fact I didn't take any actions after I left yesterday, while I still had those errors 400.

So, everything works wonder, now, even If i'm still curious as to why I had that problem, and why It seems to have solved itself.

Anyway, thanks, and have a nice day.

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