Monitoring Filebeat via Centreon

Hi guys,

We've been using Filebeat for quite some time now, and as our infrastructure is increasing in size, we begun to have more and more Filebeats accross our servers. We are currently using Centreon to monitor our infrastructure ( Filebeat ; Logstash ; Graylog (with its Elasticsearchs) ) including Filebeat.

The thing is we only monitor Filebeat's process ( basically a ps -fe ), and I was wondering if we could go deeper into monitoring Filebeats' harvesters ( per app / per log ) to see whether or not it is collecting the app's/µservice's log.

I know it's possible to monitor Filebeat via Kibana and X-pack, but we currently have to centralize our monitoring in Centreon.

Any suggestion would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !!

Hi @Arcturus999 :slight_smile:

It's visible that you have familiarity with the stack. I'm wondering if Metricbeat system module is not an option for your situation:

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