Monitoring our office Cisco router


Which beats agents can i install on my PC to get metrics/logs of our office router? then view these metrics on Kibana to check the uptime and downtime of our internet

If you want to monitor connectivity to the Internet from your office then I would recommend running Heartbeat and monitoring ping times to a few different Internet hosts.

For router logs I would configure it to send syslog data to a Logstash instance running the syslog input.

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@andrewkroh thanks, i used heartbeat to ping the router and also to ping a web application then i browsed the metrics in Kibana. There was just heartbeat http dashboard. Is there any icmp or tcp heartbeat dashboard as http dashboard?

There's only an HTTP dashboard AFAIK. You can create a custom viz for your needs. I also have it deployed (I think I have a 5.6 version running) and added a simple line chart to visualize the ICMP RTT values.

great setup :slight_smile:
Yes i will build one. Thanks for sharing the link and screenshot

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