Web site monitoring with Status up/down with downtime

Hi Tech Team,
We have some client websites we are commented to provide them the max up-time . For that i need to show them the real-time graphic from my Kibana dashboard. right now i using heartbeat to ping my client site urls.

I am not getting the up-time of each time daily, weekly and monthly . i need that updatime and down time for my client . for my team i need to show the realtime website status up/down on the dashboard.

PFA! see my current web site dashboard.

how can i setup as per my requirement.


I've moved this to the beats / heartbeat topic @shahid.

This improvement makes sense. I've opened a github issue to track it: https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/8972

FYI, you can use a top hits aggregation to add this column yourself in Kibana for now.

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