Uptime not working in kibana 6.7.2 after heartbeat server update to 6.8.3

Hi Team,

uptime (inside kibana dashboard) not working now after upgrade to heartbeat server from 6.3.2 to 6.83 .
I have done upgradation to utilize the automatic monitor reload .it was working fine when 6.3.2 was running. i can see data in discover for heartbeat and also watcher alert working fine.

So only issue with uptime and dashboard.

Please help.
here is my heartbeat.yml.

  # Directory + glob pattern to search for configuration files
  path: D:/heartbeat-6.8.3/monitors.d/*.yml
  # If enabled, heartbeat will periodically check the config.monitors path for changes
  reload.enabled: true
  # How often to check for changes
  reload.period: 60s

  app: "dxdt-monitoring"
  es_id: "df5b1351-fece-40a9-b72c-a1f809613e9d"
  es_ver: "0.02"
  type: "monitor"
fields_under_root: true

  enabled: true
  hosts: "fb-esaas-v2-p02-std-uk.xyz.intranet:65101"
  ssl.enabled: true
  ssl.certificate_authorities: D:/beats_data/certs/CAs.pem
  ssl.certificate: "D:/beats_data/certs/server.crt"
  ssl.key: "D:/beats_data/certs/server.key"

Can you clarify what you mean when you say Uptime is not working? Is there an error? Is data missing? Can you provide a screenshot?

Also, if you can look for any errors in the browser debug console that could be useful.

yes data is missing. its not displaying in Kibana dashboard.

in uptime display it says chart not available. earlier it was working but when did upgrade of heartbeat server to 6.8.3 from 6.3.2 no data.
while data is available in discover. i am not able to upload screenshot here.

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