Monitoring postgres y sql server on AWS with an elastic on premises

It is posible to monitor postgres y sql server on aws? if it is, with wich tool?

our elastic is on premises.



You can bring in postgresql logs from AWS, but they must generate certain permissions in the AWS IAM and through AWS Elastic integrations can be done.

Configuration in AWS

cloudwatch logs

configuration ELK

AWS permissions for ELK

AWS Permissions

Specific AWS permissions are required for the IAM user to make specific AWS API calls. To enable the AWS integration to collect metrics and logs from all supported services, make sure these permissions are given:

  • ec2:DescribeInstances
  • ec2:DescribeRegions
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData
  • cloudwatch:ListMetrics
  • iam:ListAccountAliases
  • rds:DescribeDBInstances
  • rds:ListTagsForResource
  • s3:GetObject
  • sns:ListTopics
  • sqs:ChangeMessageVisibility
  • sqs:DeleteMessage
  • sqs:ListQueues
  • sqs:ReceiveMessage
  • sts:AssumeRole
  • sts:GetCallerIdentity
  • tag:GetResources
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or else you can integrate the metrics part of postgresql only.
RDS postgresql in ELK

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