Monitoring sidepanel item not showing despite basic license being installed

es _xpack says {"build":{"hash":"7763f8e","date":"2016-10-26T04:51:59.202Z"},"license":{"uid":"44741fd0-xxxx,"type":"basic","mode":"basic","status":"active","expiry_date_in_millis":1508284799999},"features":{"graph":{"description":"Graph Data Exploration for the Elastic Stack","available":false,"enabled":true},"monitoring":{"**description":"Monitoring for the Elastic Stack","available":true,"enabled":true},"**security":{"description":"Security for the Elastic Stack","available":false,"enabled":true},"watcher":{"description":"Alerting, Notification and Automation for the Elastic Stack","available":false,"enabled":true}},"tagline":"You know, for X"}

yet for some reason the tab is missing from XPack sidebar in Kibana .

tried restarting both ES and Kibana - and nothing interesting in syslog
ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS + latest 5 ES and kibana from the apt repo.
the configs are pretty simple for both - just localhost and port.


did you also install the xpack plugin for kibana?


hmmm, thanks.
it was but reinstalling did fix it

/usr/share/kibana# bin/kibana-plugin remove x-pack
Removing x-pack...
/usr/share/kibana# bin/kibana-plugin install file:///usr/share/kibana/
Found previous install attempt. Deleting...
Attempting to transfer from file:///usr/share/kibana/
Transferring 56932561 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Extracting plugin archive
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
Plugin installation complete
/usr/share/kibana# service kibana restart

ok after