Monitoring Veeam Backup Jobs

Hi guys,

I'm interested in monitoring our veem backup jobs. Especially the events related to the execution of jobs.

any suggestions?

I'm not familiar with this software, but I found Logging - User Guide for VMware vSphere which mentions some paths that contain logs. If they are in text format then you could ingest them via Filebeat.

I also like to know if this is possible. i've been looking for a great "backup log monitor" solution for a long time and never found anything great.

as well as monitoring stats like total storage and backup time, i'm also looking for a way to trigger missing events. each day i have a whole bunch of servers that backup and send logs to my helpdesk system which i have some automation to handle successful events and leave me with any that might be failing.

my biggest issue is not receiving alerts for jobs that did not run. i have many veeam servers (as well as a series of other backup products). if one of them falls over and I don't receive any logs, i have no simple way of realising this.

the closest thing i've found so far is the Trevor Utility Mail Monitor. it ticks most of the boxes, but it's cloud based SaaS service. i am not interesting in sending my backup logs to an external third party. i want this to be on-premises.

if anyone has any ideas for all of this i would love to hear about it. i'd love to have a nice elastic dashboard showing me some stats but also alerting me of missing jobs.

or if anyone has a different alternative i'd also love to know about it.


What kind of metrics/logs does VEAM provide. Does it log to a file, syslog, API...? If you have the info, docs,... Go ahead and make a GitHub issue to create a new Agent integration, Issues · elastic/integrations · GitHub.

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