Monthly Year on Year

I need to create monthly aggregation and compare it YoY like below

I did manage it once (by trial and error) but forgot the steps. The older discussions on the topic are not very helpful. I am on 6.2.3

Any help would be welcome.Thanks.

I believe you can do this with Timelion - here is a blog post with more information that is still relevant. Take a look at "Offsetting data source"

Thanks, I was able to get it in timelion. However, I am sure there is a way to do this in normal visualization.

The timelion also does not provide the solution .
If I need to compare last 2 years. I need the time scale to show 12 months with years grouped or overlapped for every month.

Timelion shows more than 18 months (if viewed in Jul) and part of the data overlapped.

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