Moving Cloud Instances - Elastic Agent

Firstly, I apologize if this is an elementary question, but didn't see anything with search results.

I have Elastic Cloud deployed in my lab - not any production environments. When deploying the Windows Elastic Agent, I simply downloaded the Agent from the cloud based Fleet and did the installation one by one.

I now want to fire up a production instance for my organization and my MSSP suggested that I could save some money if I get the instance through them.

I'm not sure I actually want to do that as I am unclear if it would lock my organization's deployment with them, but based on the documentation, it appears that I could ultimately take a snapshot of the data from the new 'existing' instance, build a new deployment, and ingest the snapshot if we wanted to move to our own deployment.

And here we go...

But what happens to the agent? Doesn't it continue to report to the old deployment? Can I change the configuration of the Elastic agent to point to the new deployment? Are you aware of any documentation that guides through that process?

Ultimately, I may just build our own instance/deployment, but there still may be a time where I could save some expense by moving it to the MSSP, if desired.


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