MS SQL perfomance logs to logstash


I am trying to monitor MS SQL performance by pushing below data to logstash and then to dashboards in Kibana:
Average Select in time
Average Update in time
Average Delete in time
Average Select in time
Average Select in time
Memory usage
CPU usage
Running threads

The issue is whatever i try does not work.

MetricBeats does not support MSSQL, at least I did not find any documentation or examples how to do it. (yes there is feature request already but seems like it is ignored for 2 years already and it does not look to be ready anytime soon)

JDBC looks like it is good for getting specific data from DB but not performance metrics almost in real time like Beats do it.

Any suggestions how to grab performance metric data for MS SQL?

I did try to use MetricBeat and send perfmon results to logstash like below but all I get after parsing is garbage without any results:

- module: windows
  metricsets: ["perfmon"]
  period: 10s
  - instance_label: "mssql.pool"
  measurement_label: "mssql.pool.cpu.usage"
  query: '\MSSQL$MyDatabase:Resource Pool Stats(internal)\CPU usage %'
  format: "long"

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