Multi ES Cluster monitoring using single Kibana

Is there any way to change kibana.yml file so that we can monitor multiple ES clusters using same kibana?
I searched it on multiple forums but did not find any concrete answers or solutions for them.

Hi @rj23495. I think this page describes what you are looking for. Essentially, one cluster is set up strictly for monitoring and metrics from other ES clusters are sent to the Monitoring cluster with metricbeat. The Monitoring cluster is accessed by a single Kibana instance.

@nickpeihl thanks for the suggestion, let me explain you my use case
Lets say i have cluster x with all my application logs and java stack trace logs
i have one more cluster say y and there too i have my app logs
now i wish to visualise both these logs in a single kibana dashboard using different index names.
As you said metricbeat, i guess it will only monitor node instance metrics and system metrics. Is it possible for example if i give multiple cluster names in kibana.yml file and use that for visualisation?

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