Using Stack Monitoring for monitor multiple cluster

Hi, i have 1 centralize cluster (Monitor Cluster) to storage log and metrics from multiple cluster (Env Cluster).

My Monitor Cluster deploy using ECK version 1.2. And my Env Cluster is using Elasticsearch Cloud Service (from But now i want to ship the metrics from Env Cluster to my Monitor Cluster, i have use Metricbeat to do that, and i see the indices .monitoring-es-* appear in my index management (Monitor Cluster). But when i click to my Stack Monitoring in Kibana (Monitor Cluster), it appear Error like image below. So can i monitoring multiple Env Cluster metric with only 1 Monitor Cluster?

Hey @redondoxx

It's hard to understand the cause of the issue (and your intended setup) without seeing some of your settings in:

Are you seeing any errors/warning in Kibana or ES logs?

Also, one thing to note is that sending monitoring data to cloud via metricbeat is not yet supported.

Here are some resources that might help you out with alternative setups though:

Please note that while the Monitoring functionality is free, the ability to monitor multiple clusters from the one central cluster is a paid feature - (Multi-stack monitoring).

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