How to monitor different ES cloud clusters from different organizations centrally using ES cloud monitoring cluster.

Is there any feature in the Elastic Cloud version to monitor all our customers' ES production clusters from our cluster as central monitoring?

Please suggest how we can do it if there is no available straight feature.

All our customers have Elastic Cloud subscriptions on Azure. We also have an ES cloud subscription on Azure as well.

I think you are looking for a logging and monitoring cluster where one or more production clusters can send their telemetry data :slight_smile:

I think the main limitation will be around keeping the (major) versions in sync. Would that be an issue for you?

Thanks for the quick response but my question was different.
I want to monitor production clusters from different organisations using one central cluster.

The link @xeraa shared explains this as well, you need to have a dedicated deployment for monitoring, enable the monitoring in the other deployments and configure where it should send the data.

Your monitoring deployment would also need at least a Gold Subscription, a Standard one won't work as it does not support monitoring multiple clusters.

I missed the part with multiple subscriptions. From what I know, you can only send within an account, in the same region, on the same cloud provider, and within compatible versions. It's limited to whatever you get in the dropdown list of available monitoring clusters.

Example from my account:

You might have to fall back to something more complex:

  • running your own Metricbeat to get metrics (and I'm afraid you won't get to the logs)
  • CCR from their account and monitoring cluster to your central one; this is possible across accounts
  • some other structure to manage the clients' cluster through a more centralized approach (which is probably not possible or a good idea)
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Thank you so much for your response. I will look at posted options to see which will help us.

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