Could we monitor multiple ES clusters using a single Monitoring ES cluster?

I have a use case that i have 2 ES clusters let us say es1 and es2, is it possible that i can monitor both of these clusters using a single monitring ES custer let us say esMonit1.

So what happens is when we enable xpack for es, an index is automatically created( .monitoring-es-* ) that holds the collected metrices.

Now if both es1 and es2 clusters will push the monitoring indexes to the esMonit1 cluster, we wont be able to segregate the metrices basecd on es cluster.

Is there a workaround by which we can achieve the above mentioned use case or the only way is to have one monitoring ES cluster associated with one actual(containing application data) ES cluster.

You can, but it's a feature of a Gold or above license -

@warkolm Thanks for the reply

We have gold licence for elasticsearch. The problem is that both es1 and es2 would be pushing the metrices into same index ( .monitoring-es-* ) over esMonit1. Hence what would be happening is that the monitoring es would be showing the aggregated result of all nodes and we would not be able to distinguish which node belong to which es cluster (es1 or es2)

You should 100% reach out to your support engineer and check for an official response on this.

But you can drill into each cluster individually and it will filter nodes appropriately.

Monitoring events contains the cluster_uuid so this is still separated properly. We are doing this without any problems and each cluster is listed under monitoring.

Regards /Johan

Thanks @JohanRask
Just wanted to confirm, do we need to upload gold licence over data based ES and monitoring ES as well

Yes, I think you have to. But remember that licenses are per node, not per cluster so we currently (pre-prod:ish :wink: ) have a single node monitoring cluster which is master+data. Not sure where this ends up but currently it is not realistic for us to have a real HA cluster for monitoring.


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