Elasticsearch | Dedicated Monitoring Cluster


I am working on developing dedicated Monitoring Cluster for production environment
I have gone through this documentation. It says a gold license is required to monitor multiple Elasticsearch clusters. But I want to just monitor a single cluster with three nodes on a different dedicated cluster. Is it mandatory to have a license to monitor a single cluster as well?


No. It's not.

@dadoonet I had a same question, didn't want to open a duplicate thread..so would it be fine to ask in the same thread.

Would I need to have a Monitoring Cluster on AWS ? Native tools like Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch using SNS should server the purpose ?

Thanks for the response.
I did create a Dedicated Monitoring Cluster. Everything seems to work fine.
Although, Is there any limitations present in this?

I don't think there is.

I don't know about "Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch using SNS".

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