Multi GET and sort


I want to retrieve a list of documents of the same type based on document IDs - Multi GET API works great.

Now, I would like to sort the documents based on a specific field of that type.
Is it possible to sort the list using MGET API on ES side? Or, do I need to sort it on the client side?

I'm using Java High Level REST Client.

Thank you.

Hi ,

You can do below :


query :


fieldname : is the name of the field you want to perform sorting on .
size : number of documents you want to fetch in results .

In the query section you can have different combination of queries for simplicity i've put match_all , it will fetch all documents .

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Thanks for reply. I'm not sure if I can use this when I have a list of document IDs on the input.

Let me rephrase my question. I would like to retrieve a list of documents (of the same type) when I have a list of document IDs. And, the result list would be sorted by some field.

I know I can retrieve the list using MGET. But I do not know how to sort it (on ES).

Instead of a multiget, you can use the ids query. That query can be combined with a sort clause to sort the documents however you want those to be sorted.

Understand. Thank you!

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